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What We Believe

Holy Faith is a Combined ELCA-Episcopal Church. Holy Faith offers the best of two traditions. Because of our ELCA-Episcopal DNA, some characteristics that distinguish us include:

Ordered and Beautiful Worship

Our liturgies are derived mainly from the ELW (Evangelical Lutheran Worship) and the Book of Common Prayer, though if you come from another liturgical church (Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian), you will recognize the shape of our Sunday worship.



We take the Bible seriously, though not always literally.



We value the experience and wisdom brought by our members.



We trace our practices and beliefs back to Jesus and the first apostles.



Practicing faith is not a solo sport; we are strengthened by others. And we believe the Holy Spirit moves within and among our congregation, that we have more wisdom together. As a congregation, we belong to a larger community found in the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan and the ELCA’s Southeast Michigan Synod.


Checks & Balances

The governance structure of both the ELCA and Episcopal denominations is modeled after the democratic experiment, with vote and voice for both clergy and lay people.

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