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Follow the Star:  A Virtual Crèche Exhibit

Two thousand years ago people found hope in a star and the birth of Jesus Christ. Through Him, we can find hope and healing. The light that emanates from Him awakens hope, infuses with love, and softens anxious hearts to peace. Even in our darkest years, His light of hope still shines bright. And we can follow His example to help light the world. 

Holy Faith Church is pleased to present this year our seventh annual Christmas Crèche Exhibit. If you aren't able to attend our in-person exhibit, our digital doors and hearts are wide open. Virtually, we can share hope with each other through the photos and stories of nativities from around the world graciously shared with us by our parish members.

(Click to see full-size image. To see the entire online exhibit, click "Show More" at the bottom of the page.)
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