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Every $1 donated relieves $100 of medical debt!

There are 2 ways to give:

1. Donate on our campaign page.  You can give money, stock donations, and donors 70.5 and older can make a tax-free gift from their IRA.

2. Donate to Holy Faith Church with "medical debt" written on the memo line.

Holy Faith Church will match the first $5,000

Undue Medical Debt Campaign

The people of Holy Faith Church are focusing on relieving hunger in our community and beyond.  When we learned that medical debt is often a root cause of hunger with people being forced to choose between buying food or getting necessary medical treatment, we were disturbed and saddened.

Some folks are living with debt and have no relief in sight often causing emotional, mental and spiritual distress.

We decided to take action

Along with our direct efforts to provide food through our community garden and working with the area social service programs, we are committed to facing hunger head on through Undue Medical Debt

Holy Faith Church aims to raise $10,000, which will relieve $1 million in medical debt in Washtenaw, Wayne, and Jackson Counties.


This campaign will be a success because it multiplies our efforts and reminds us that this is a story of loaves and fishes.  We offer what we can and it is multiplied as we strive to meet the needs of our neighbors.


Together we can turn the tide

It seems many of us have stories of the grave impact that healthcare debt has had on our lives. Share your stories!  Then make a donation and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. 

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